Partners & Collaborators

The IDRT is collaborating with multiple individuals and organizations working on disaster resiliency issues. This partnership model extends to key academic entities; federal, state and local agencies; and nongovernment organizations. By building partnerships over the long-term, IDRT is able to leverage existing resources and expertise to better to attain its goals

Academic Partners and Collaborators

Academic Collaborators:

Ali Fares
Prairie View A&M University 

Ali Mostafavi
Prairie View A&M University 

Antonia Sebastian
University of North Carolina

Bas Jonkman
TU Delft

Baukje Kothuis
TU Delft

Courtney Thompson
Texas A&M University

Daniel Goldberg
Texas A&M University

Eric Tate
University of Iowa

Holly Hutchins
University of Houston

Jamie Padgett
Rice University

Jens Figlus
Coastal Engineering Lab
Texas A&M University at Galveston

Keri Stephens
University of Texas at Austin

Liv Haselbach
Lamar University

Mark Stacey
UC Berkley

Nick Fang

Stephanie Paal
Texas A&M University

Xia Hu
Texas A&M University

Zhe Zhang
Texas A&M University