Technical Reports

The Institute for a Disaster Resilient Texas is dedicated to sharing our research and our partners’ research with Texas communities. Our Technical Report Series contains our most critical and impactful work on disaster risk reduction and provides vital data and analysis to decision makers working to build a more resilient Texas.
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Final Report – Ike Dike Concept for Reducing Hurricane Storm Surge in the Houston-Galveston Region

Publication Date: April 1, 2018

Prepared by: Bruce A. Ebersole, Thomas C. Massey, Jeffrey A. Melby, Norberto C. Nadal-Caraballo, Donald L. Hendon, Thomas W. Richardson, Robert W. Whalin

Market Incentives for Private Insurance Markets: Literature Review

Publication Date: October 2, 2020

Prepared by: Meri Davlasheridze, Samuel Brody, Wesley Highfield

Prepared for: Texas Department of Insurance

Coastal Spine System; Interim Report

Publication Date: June 20, 2015

Prepared by: S.N. Jonkman (TU Delft), K.T. Lendering (TU Delft), E.C. van Berchum (TU Delft), A. Nillesen (, L. Mooyaart (RHDHV), P. de Vries (RHDHV), M. van Ledden (RHDHV), A. Willems (Iv Infra), and R. Nooij (Iv Infra)

Eye of the Storm

Prepared by: Texas A&M University System and Agencies, Texas A&M University

Prepared for: Governor's Commission to Rebuild Texas

Identifying the Future Costs of Flooding in the Houston-Galveston Region

Prepared by: Wesley E. Highfield, Samuel D. Brody, Kayode Atoba, and Russell Blessing

Prepared for: Texas General Land Office