Sam Brody and Bill Merrell give presentation at PSW


Source: Philosophical Society of Washington

The Institute for a Disaster Resilient Texas (IDRT) is proud to announce our esteemed director, Dr. Sam Brody and his renowned colleague, Dr. Bill Merrell, of Texas A&M University in Galveston gave a presentation to the prestigious Philosophical Society of Washington (PSW) on June 16, 2023. Their talk, titled “Protecting America’s Coasts from Flooding in the Face of Rapid Climate and Land Use Change,” will shed light on the critical issue of coastal resilience and showcase their pioneering work on The Texas Coastal Spine Project.

The presentation took place at PSW located in Washington, DC.  PSW, with its rich history dating back to 1871, has established itself as a distinguished institution for academic discourse and scientific exploration. Hosting internationally renowned speakers, this event promises to be an intellectual and influential gathering.

Dr. Sam Brody and Dr. Bill Merrell, both acclaimed scholars in the field of coastal resilience, have dedicated their careers to understanding the complex dynamics of coastal flooding and developing innovative solutions. Their research and expertise have been instrumental in formulating strategies to protect vulnerable coastal regions around the world that experience the impacts of climate change and rapid land use changes firsthand. Their presentation highlighted the Texas Coastal Spine Project, including Galveston Bay’s Ike Dike, named after the hurricane that battered the region in 2008. This ambitious endeavor aims to build a comprehensive coastal barrier system along the Texas Gulf Coast to mitigate the devastating impacts of storm surge and flooding, with the Ike Dike being a central feature. If realized, the Texas Coastal Spine project could serve as a national model for protecting coastal communities.