Texas Disaster Information System

Hazard analytics is the Institute’s foundational platform wherein data is converted to knowledge and knowledge to action through scientific inquiry.

Texas Disaster Information System (TDIS) Planning Phase


The Texas General Land Office


Samuel Brody


Wesley Highfield
Russell Blessing
William Mobley


Suzanne Pierce, TACC

The cornerstone project for the Institute is the Texas Disaster Information System (TDIS). This project is currently in the planning phase, but will be an interactive, analytical, and visual web-based spatial data system designed to support more resilient decision making at the state level.

Primary Goals and Objectives:

The planning phase will result in a comprehensive plan for the design, development, and creation of TDIS; a dedicated project management team; and a stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • collect, create, and provide analytical tools, information and data that support disaster resilience efforts for the state of Texas;
  • consolidate data and information spread across a wide array of agencies and systems into one single disaster preparedness resource;
  • use and transform data to better prepare Texans for and mitigate against disasters across the state; and
  • provide reliable and timely insights for a diverse group of stakeholders to make decisions during different stages of disasters.
Organization chart for Texas Disaster Information System.

Steering Committee

Charles Cook
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Jerry Cotter
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Nick Fang
University of Texas – Arlington

Sam Hermitte
Texas Water Development Board

Leslie Lenser
Texas A&M University – System

Steven Mikulencak
Texas A&M University – AgriLife Extension

Ali Mostafavidarani
Texas A&M University

Michael Ouimet
Texas Division of Emergency Management

Tyler Payne
Texas General Land Office

Hugh Roberts
Water Institute

Alika Valdez
Texas Division of Emergency Management

Richard Wade
Texas Natural Resources Information System

Larry Weber
University of Iowa

Gordon Wells
University of Texas

Reem Zoun
Texas Water Development Board

Project Management

Suzanne Pierce
Texas Advanced Computing Center (UT)

Planning Support

Anna Dabrowski
Texas Advanced Computing Center (UT)

Chris Jordan
Texas Advanced Computing Center (UT)

William Mobley
Texas A&M University – Galveston

Jeff Reichman
January Advisors

Katharine Teleki
Teleki Consulting, LLC

Wireframe Mountain