Texas Disaster Information System (TDIS)


The Texas General Land Office


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Wesley Highfield
Ali Mostafavidarani
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Kelli Weatherman

Currently under development, the Texas Disaster Information System (TDIS) is a comprehensive data platform intended for natural disaster management in Texas. TDIS aims to streamline the ingestion, storage, processing, and utilization of disaster-related data, with a focus on improving natural disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts across the state. 

Recognizing the current challenge of fragmented, poorly maintained, and inaccessible disaster data in Texas, TDIS is being built to address these issues. Once completed, it will centralize and organize this information, aiming to overcome the limitations faced by responders, planners, and researchers in effectively supporting disaster resilience. 

TDIS is currently focused on three key strategies:

  • Data stewardship,
  • Advanced analytics and tools, and
  • Secure data sharing.  

TDIS will implement a standard catalog system, integrate access to various data sources via a federated information system, and develop advanced analytics and tools for data analysis, mapping, and decision support. Additionally, TDIS is developing protocols for secure data sharing to ensure the protected exchange of Texas-based disaster information and preservation of data products relevant to disaster response, recovery, and planning. 


Ingest: Accept natural hazard-related data from disparate structured and un-structured sources. 

Catalog: Create a TDIS data model, which will streamline and enable “clean data” needs. 

Process: Run validation, cleaning, anomaly detection, anonymization, and scrubbing of incoming feeds based on governance policies, intended usages, and audiences. 

Store: Preserve data for relevant stakeholders based on business needs and retention policies. 

Consume: Create innovative tools for data processing and consumption.   

Steering Committee 2024 - 2025

Taylor Christian
Texas Water Development Board

Charles Cook
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Nick Fang
University of Texas – Arlington

Sam Hermitte
Texas Water Development Board

Michael Hull
Texas Division of Emergency Management

Jason Johnson
NOAA/National Weather Service; West Gulf River Forecast Center

Patrick Kerr
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District

Leslie Lenser
Texas A&M University – System

David Mass
Texas General Land Office

Steve Mikulencak
Texas A&M University – AgriLife Extension

Saul Nuccitelli
Texas Water Development Board

Hugh Roberts
Water Institute

Elizabeth Savage
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Mark Stone
The Texas A&M University System

Richard Wade
Texas Geographic Information Office

Reem Zoun
Texas Water Development Board

TDIS Director

Kelli Weatherman

TDIS Data Officer

Murli Manickam

TDIS Program Manager

Srinivas Dharmadhikari

Wireframe Mountain